Is ED Destroying Your Love Life? Discover Ways to Fight It

By this point, you probably already know that ED or erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that has disastrous effects on the peaceful and happy life of a couple. When the enemy appears, you have to prepare your weapons meaning that in this case, you have to become familiar with various treatments that gradually made their appearance and became powerful allies to all the men affected. Hesitating to tackle the issue because of childish attitudes and emotions like embarrassment will not help you and your partner regain the passion and spontaneity than once sparked your interest.


Whether the cause is physical or psychological, minor or serious, if you experience erectile dysfunction you must consult a doctor for professional diagnosis and efficient solutions. Do not ignore the symptoms because your sexual life will not get any better just by waiting and wishing.


The most common cases of erectile dysfunction present organic or physical risk causes including several diseases, high blood pressure and cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, vicious habits like smoking, drinking and drugs abuse, hormonal disorders, unhealthy nutrition and lack of exercise. Taking certain prescription medications can also lead to erectile dysfunction so you should definitely discuss with your doctor and consider his advice. Some of those medications have the purpose to control diseases or medical conditions like cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure and anxiety, among others.


Even though psychological causes are not as frequent as physical causes, the topic deserves attention because not just you feel the negative effects, but also your partner, thus affecting the relationship. Actually, it is quite ironic because erectile dysfunction can influence your emotional and sexual life but it can also be triggered by your emotions. If you do not find and eliminate the root of the problem, you might enter a vicious circle. Among psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, stress and guilt represent the most recurrent and harmful ones.


Fortunately, you can benefit from various treatments that can improve your sexual life. By analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each option, you can make a choice suitable for your needs that will bring satisfying results.


The most standard treatments for erectile dysfunction are medications, implants, surgery and vacuum pumps. Prescription medications are practically inhibitors that might lead to several side effects including headaches, indigestion, hearing and visual problems. Surgical treatments involve penile implants, which is considered the last resort and vascular surgery, which corrects blood vessel responsible for ED.  Vacuum devices represent an alternative to oral medication.  However, most men prefer to avoid this method because it makes them feel uncomfortable so you should probably too.


Sometimes, the solution is right in front of us and is simpler than we think. In terms of erectile dysfunction, you have the possibility to overcome it by making some changes in your lifestyle. Quitting smoking or alcohol, a balanced diet and a well-established exercising schedule will definitely improve the blood flow and your “upsetting issue”. Supplements and herbs represent alternative treatments but you should not resort to them until you speak with your doctor and find out any possible risks.

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