How To Overcome ED Using Natural Means

How To Overcome ED Using Natural Means

As they progress with age, most men find out that they cannot hit a baseball to the lengths they could in their teens. Another hard reality to beat them is that they can no longer run as fast as they could or even bash a tennis ball with the same velocity as they would back in their twenties.  However, as you progress with age, there are numerous ways to stay at the top of your game and always enjoy it. As it is right when it comes to sports, it is also possible when it comes to sex. For most men, erectile dysfunction otherwise known as ED can occur due to varying reasons. For some, it could be as simple and obvious as side effects of a specific medication. However, for three out of every four men, the cause is a bit sophisticated. Erectile Dysfunction may be due to a neurological illness, vascular disease or surgeries/or treatments to the prostate gland.

The following tips will prove to be very useful if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction or you are hoping to prevent yourself from future ED. This will ensure that you can have a good sex life and improved health overall.

A healthy diet

Eating a diet that is full of natural foods like whole grains, fish, fruits, and vegetables will go a long way to decrease the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. According to a study of male aging from Massachusetts, eating less processed and red meat and refined grain helped improve the erectile capabilities in men. Another contributor to erectile dysfunction was the lack of vitamin B12 in a man’s diet. Therefore, the daily consumption of fortified foods and multivitamins is a sure way to ensure a healthy diet for those with weak Vitamin B12 absorption such as older men.

Regular exercise

According to one of the studies from Harvard, walking for just half an hour daily was linked to a drop of up to 41% in the risk of having erectile dysfunction. Multiple research has found out that light daily exercise helped obese men with ED and middle-aged men restore sexual performance.

Keep your vascular health in shape

high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, high triglycerides and high blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension can cause damage to the arteries in the brain causing a stroke or in the heart causing a cardiac arrest. Moreover, they can also lead to the constriction of the veins in your penis leading to erectile dysfunction. Other factors include an expanding waistline and low levels of good cholesterol known as HDL. Regular checkups with your local physician on your vascular system, i.e., Brain heart and penis will give red flags on whether you need medication or even a tune-up through lifestyle changes and progressing age.

Get Slim and stay that way

Your body size matters. One of the best defenses to erectile dysfunction is having a trim waistline. Losing some numbers on the scale is a sure way to fight ED. Obesity increases the chances of having conditions like diabetes and other vascular diseases which are the primary causes of ED.

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