Here’s Why Walking Helps with ED

walking helps with ED

Walking is a popular exercise choice for men of all ages. If you want to stay sharp and fit, walking daily may be your best choice. It’s a safe and free way to keep up your stamina, and it has a number of additional benefits. For example, people who run in the morning have an easier time keeping up a healthy sleep schedule.

Walking and Sexual Performance

In addition to keeping you in great shape, scientists have proved that walking helps with ED. According to Harvard Health Publishing, walking 30 minutes every day lowers your risk of ED by 41%.

What makes walking so good for your sexual health?

  • It helps keep your weight under control. Overweight men have a higher risk of ED. Walking is a great way to stay trim since it burns calories without exhausting you too much. If you have a daily walking plan, make sure you combine it with a balanced breakfast.
  • It improves your circulation. Maintaining your cardiovascular health is your best way to combat ED. Put simply; you need a healthy blood flow to be able to achieve erection. Walking two miles or more in fresh air will protect your heart and ensure that your blood is rich in oxygen.
  • It keeps your blood pressure down. High blood pressure frequently causes ED. Talk to your healthcare professional about the best amount of walking you can do to control your blood pressure.

A Great Place to Start

If you’re about to start a daily walking plan, make sure to ease into it. The recommended minimum time is around thirty minutes, but you’ll get results even from a shorter walk.

In addition to being easy to get into, walking helps with ED. Even if you’re taking more intense measures against your ED, it can be a good idea to take up walking. It will make you healthier, and it may improve your mood as well.

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