Having Troubles in Bed? It Could Be Your Prostate

having an enlarged prostate

If you are dealing with ED, there are a few possible culprits. For many men, having an enlarged prostate is the cause of performance issues.


Urinary problems are the main symptom of having an enlarged prostate.

Everyone knows that prostate problems can make urination difficult. Men who have an enlarged prostate may have to urinate very frequently. On the other hand, it can feel difficult to begin urination.

Both of these issues increase your risk of urinary tract infections. Additionally, they can make it difficult to sleep through the night. Thus, people who have this disorder frequently suffer from fatigue.

In some cases, having an enlarged prostate can lead to urinary incontinence as well. This can cause stress as well as emotional problems. Bedroom performance can reflect these issues.

But there is another connection as well.


Sometimes, common treatments for prostate problems can result in ED too. This happens in two ways:

  • Surgery Can Result in ED

To ease urination, experts may recommend a simple form of surgery. But this can lead to ED in 5-10 percent of cases. So you should definitely talk to your doctors if you are experiencing any post-surgical complications.

  • Medication Can Also Increase Your Risk of ED

People with enlarged prostates may need to take medication to mitigate the effects. Yet, these drugs may cause performance problems. They can lower your fertility as well.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some types of ED medication can complicate the side effects of having an enlarged prostate. Hence, if you are dealing with both issues, you should ask for advice before you start combining medications.

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