ED Is Not a Lost Cause

Five to twenty percent of men suffer from mild to severe ED. Although ED is treatable, not all men diagnosed with it are taking the right medicine for it. Given the fact that so many people are suffering from ED lately, it is highly important to know some specific facts about it.

A sexual problem or a sexual dysfunction refers to the disruption of any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the couple achieving sexual satisfaction. The phases of sexual response in men include arousal and erection with no problems in achieving an orgasm. This article is meant to present some facts related to ED that might make you realize certain things.

The need of self-confidence

Men need trust in order to be able to satisfy their own needs and their partner’s needs. Adults believe that for a satisfying sexual experience, it is paramount to be confident in your own body. A study on this topic evaluated the opinions of nearly 500 men and women in UK regarding what they believe about sexuality and confidence. The answers were similar, stating that confidence is important for maintaining a satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED becomes more and more common once a man ages, but they are common among different times of a man’s life. Its frequency is much higher than people would believe. A study demonstrates that, although about nine out of ten men aged between 30 and 40 shows a physically healthy state, they are experiencing ED problems that are strictly related to psychical factors. This is due to the lack of confidence these men are experiencing in embracing their own sexuality which will eventually result in the loss of their sexual partner’s satisfaction. Given the fact that there is a high chance of developing depression, anxiety and a diminishing self-esteem, men need to face the effects of ED.

The evaluation of ED

There are varying degrees of erectile firmness and these can be determined using the EEC scale, a convenient and intimate method for measuring the state of ED in a man. This scale consists of four different degrees of ED. Depending on the result obtained, one should know that there are various methods of treating ED. It is paramount to remember that this treatment is given according to the causes of ED occurrence. After discovering the causes, a doctor should prescribe the patient the right kind of medication. Oral treatment, an injectable treatment, vacuum pumps or penile prosthesis are just some of the solutions one can try for solving this issue.

A consultation with a specialist in this field is essential if the sexual intercourse became unsatisfactory and in case you suspect that something is wrong. It is important to know that there are treatments that could help you achieve your initial state back and that when you experience the symptoms of ED it is not necessarily related to it. Most likely, your doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and will recommend a routine exam.

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