Dos and Don’ts When dealing with ED

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common condition among men especially as they grow old. Even younger men experience erectile dysfunction, but it is not as common as it is for men that are over 40.

The fact is that age plays a significant role on sexual intercourse. Several psychological, mental, physical factors and lifestyle choices go a long way to determine whether you get erectile dysfunction and how effectively you can deal with it.

To effectively manage or prevent erectile dysfunction, here are some important rules to follow.

DO Manage Your Health Effectively

Always ensure that you are on top of your general health and wellbeing as well as any medical condition that can directly cause or be linked to erectile dysfunction like high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological diseases, heart condition, low testosterone, etc. Detecting erectile dysfunction and investigating its direct cause is critical as it may be a symptom of other diseases.

DON’T smoke

Aside from directly leading to other health issues, smoking causes short and long-term erectile dysfunction. In the short term, it shrinks the blood vessels in and around the penile region and in the long term, it hardens them which lead to erectile dysfunction. You could try to quit by yourself if you are a casual smoker or join a program if you smoke a lot.

DO Have a workout plan

Staying healthy and maintaining a good healthy body requires that you work out several minutes a day. Exercising have been found to improve general health, and also improve the blood system and blood flow especially in the pelvic regions that is directly concerned with intimacy. Jogging, kegels, and other simple exercises can be very effective in improving your stamina, relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and general wellbeing.

DON’T drink alcohol excessively

Watch the amount of alcohol you take, while taking a small amount may help relieve stress and anxiety, taking too much of it can cause fatigue and lead to erectile dysfunction.

DO Maintain a healthy diet

Ensure that your food is always low in cholesterol and sugars that can easily cause heart diseases and diabetes which can also be connected to erectile dysfunction. A diet that promotes the health of the heart and is low in sugars, low in saturated fats and cholesterol is very effective in maintaining good health.

DON’T get stressed out

Try to avoid stress at all cost as it affects sexual performance and can directly cause erectile dysfunction.

Work-related stress, relationship related issues, and family issues and so on should be effectively managed so that they do not lead to physical illnesses, mental illnesses like depression and also a loss in sexual interest.

DO Get help

There are several erectile dysfunction pills and other surgical, hormonal and therapeutic means that can be employed to ensure that you effectively deal with erectile dysfunction.

It is always best to work closely with the professionals to ensure that the best treatment methods are made available to you as well as their side effects so that you can easily choose the one you prefer and works best for you.

DON’T be distant

While it might be difficult to talk about erectile dysfunction with your partner, it is essential that you find the time, place and make yourself comfortable enough to talk to them and seek further help where necessary.

Most times, communication helps a lot as it reduces the anxiety and fear and the issue becomes a not-only-yours but also your partner’s which would lead to discussions on your various options and solutions to improve your sex life.

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