Don’t Get There Too Early! Try These Solutions

It’s common for all of us to ask the same questions when it comes to achieving a healthy sexual performance. However, the solutions for Premature Ejaculation vary for each organism depending, among other things, on its causes.

In this article, we’ll study better techniques and tools to achieve higher satisfaction during sexual intercourse, and satisfy your partner in bed.

Treatment Number 5: Psychological therapy for premature ejaculation

Since one of the leading factors that contribute to premature ejaculation lives in the psyche, attending therapy is a powerful tool that will provide long-term effects in the absolute control of anxiety, stress management and the strengthening of your interpersonal relationships.

It is not an immediate solution, but it’s essential in getting results with any other treatment.

Treatment Number 4: Topical anesthesia

Considering that premature ejaculation is the loss of control over the erotic reflex, the application of topical anesthetics has shown significant effectiveness in individuals with high sensitivity to stimulation.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sprays with Lidocaine, easily accessible in adult stores, can be quite useful. However, they may also reduce pleasure and reduce sexual appetite.

Treatment Number 3: Masturbation

Yes! Believe it or not, sexologists recommend resorting to the practice of individual and shared masturbation, since it can reduce the anxiety caused by premature ejaculation and improve your performance.

The paused stimulation performed by your partner, as well as the naturalization of the erotic situation, will help you to have more control of your emotions and triggers, as well as your ejaculatory reflexes.

Treatment Number 2: Pauses

The “pause” method involves receiving stimulation-whether masturbatory or through intercourse-and interrupting it whenever you feel the orgasm peak approaching.

Although it requires a considerable willpower, distance yourself for 30 seconds until the erection begins to fade, it will give you a renewed strength to rejoin the action.

Also, work the pubococcygeus muscle through Kegel exercises, after a couple of weeks, you will be able to develop the habit of delaying ejaculation at will.

Treatment Number 1: Medication

According to the medical website, in cases of severe premature ejaculation that do not respond to alternative treatments, taking antidepressant medications, such as Prozac, analgesics, and inhibitors of Fofodiesterase 5, can help prolong the ejaculatory response.

Also, drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction have shown positive effects in the maintenance of erection and prolonging response in patients with premature ejaculation.

Tip: Taking your partner to the edge of orgasm through previous erotic games is also an excellent mechanism to reduce pressure on penetration because regardless of their duration, both will be satisfied and you’ll be considered a dedicated lover.

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