Does Self-stimulation Lead to ED?


Several studies conducted to determine whether there is a link between masturbation and erectile dysfunction. Some of the results prove that Masturbation does not directly cause erectile dysfunction in men.

However, according to the findings in some research, watching porn and masturbating frequently lead to erectile dysfunction by making you less sensitive to imagery and physical intimacy but in contrast, no research has proved that watching porn and masturbating cause a physical effect that leads to erectile dysfunction.

It should be noted that while erectile dysfunction from physical triggers due to masturbation has not been backed up by research, the psychological and emotional trigger that leads directly to erectile dysfunction due to watching porn and masturbating have been proved by various research work.

In the case of two separate studies, one showed a man who was anxious about his sexual performance with his wife, because he had been to some extent addicted to porn and thus grew less sensitive to real life intimacy. His confidence reduced, and his emotional health declined. It was after he got to see an expert that he was able to overcome his fear.

The second study looked at couples who were given a fair dose of behavioral counseling and therapy that improved their communication and ultimately sex life. The results of this study showed that its participants complained less about erectile dysfunction, consequently showed that communication was crucial in having a great sex life.

According to a survey, porn-addicted men are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction and are less likely to be satisfied with sexual intercourse.

Finally, another study which sampled 312 men from the age of 20 to 40 who visited a San Diego urology clinic for treatment. 96.6 percent of them preferred sexual intercourse to masturbating to porn.

According to the result of a study presented at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting, in Boston, porn-addicted men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and less likely to be satisfied with sexual intercourse than non-addict.

Also in line with the findings of the American Urological Association, lead researcher Dr. Matthew Christman, a urologist with the Naval Medical Centre in San Diego found that there is a statistical relationship between porn addiction and sexual dysfunction.


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