Doctors Develop a New Method of Treating ED Without Surgery

treating ED without surgery

A condition that affects men both mentally and physically, ED is one of the most common sex-related problems that a man experience. And, with more than 40% of men at the age of 40 that suffer from this condition, it only makes sense that many treatment options have been suggested. Surgery is often mentioned as the most effective one, but recent breakthroughs may deem it unnecessary.

So, is there an option for treating ED without surgery?

Treatments for ED

Depending on what’s causing it and the severity of your condition, there are different treatment options for ED. In some cases, it may even be enough to talk to a psychiatrist, start exercising, and lead a healthier diet. Your doctor may also prescribe you common oral ED medication like sildenafil, avanafil, and tadalafil. You might also get pills that are inserted into the tip of the penis or injections.

But, if there is a clear medical cause to your ED, surgery may be the best option. During the surgery, penile prosthesis is inserted in the erection chambers. This prosthesis can then be inflated by will to produce an erection.

Treating ED without Surgery

However, even if your ED is caused by medical factors that are impossible to resolve naturally, there seems to be another way to treat it. The GAINSWave therapy uses high-frequency waves to help with this problem.

One of the main culprits for erectile dysfunction in older men are collapsed or clogged blood vessels. This therapy stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and opens up existing ones, allowing for better blood flow to the penis.


Relatively new in the U.S., this method has already been popular in Europe. If you’re interested in treating ED without surgery, it’s definitely worth a try.

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