Diabetes and ED: Are they Linked?

Excess blood sugar levels known as diabetes causes several complications including the inability to maintain an erection, medically known as erectile dysfunction. It can result from poor chronic blood sugar control leading to damaged nerves and blood vessels. ED can also be linked to other medical conditions specific to people with diabetes, such as high blood pressure and other coronary artery diseases.

Undergoing erectile dysfunction is a big challenge both for you and your partner. It’s frustrating and very challenging most of the time. Take the first step to cope with ED and get your sex life back on track.

Talk To Your Doctor

Opening up and initiating an active conversation with your doctor is a big leap towards curing ED. You should never let embarrassment convince you not to get help from an expert. Here’s what you need to do.

Explain to your doctor what’s happening

Once you explain to your doctor your current condition, he may perform tests and other examinations to determine underlying causes of your ED. He will give you several options for medications and other ED treatments.

Ask what you need to do to control your blood glucose levels

It is vital to consider monitoring your blood sugar levels to prevent blood vessel and organ damage that can lead to ED. Let your doctor know if your routine is enough in managing your diabetes.

Identify other health conditions. Diabetes causes a long list of complications

Most of the time, other health problems are associated with this disease. Identify these issues with your doctor pinpoint what exactly is causing your ED.

Review your medications

Diabetes treatment medications may cause side effects including ED, such as antihypertensive and diuretic drugs. Changing your medication may help you prevent the adverse reactions, which may lead to the worsening of ED.

Seek for counseling

Together with your health condition, stress and anxiety may worsen ED. Reach out to specialists, such as psychologist and other mental health providers, to help you deal and ease your current level of stress.

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