Common Causes of Low Energy in Men

common causes of low energy in men

Many men experience low energy and physical and mental lethargy. Lack of energy is common in men aged above 30 years and men with many responsibilities. So, what are the common causes of low energy in men? Well, there are many causes of continuous fatigue and intense exhaustion in men. Let’s take a look.

1. Depression

Depression tops the list of the common causes of low energy in men. Despair and despondency are often characterized by prolonged bouts of low energy and fatigue. According to the NIMH, the typical symptoms of depression include weight fluctuations, fatigue, and pain in localized areas of the body. Sleeplessness and change in appetite are also the signs of depression.

Depression can be treated through counseling and medical help. You can even use alternative methods like massage or meditation to overcome depression. When the depression is treated, you will experience a gradual rise in your energy level. There is also a close relationship between depression and erectile dysfunction.

2. Drop in Testosterone Level

The testosterone level in men plummets as they age. Testosterone has several functions, such as upholding the bone density, preserving the muscle mass, and regulating sex drive. When the testosterone level drops, it can lead to low libido and more body fat. Also, a decrease in testosterone can lower your motivation and cause sleeplessness. These symptoms can make you experience lower mental and physical energy. Lower testosterone is among the common causes of low energy in men.

There are now treatments available to maintain an ideal testosterone level. First off, medical tests must be performed to confirm whether you are experiencing lower testosterone. Your doctor will then recommend you supplements to boost your testosterone level.

3. Lack of Exercises

The lack of exercises and physical activities are also among the common causes of lower energy in men. If you want to gain energy, you must spend energy. That’s the way our bodies function. Inactivity leads to lower energy, whereas exercises increase the energy. So, do not spend too much time on the couch. Get up and engage in physical activities and exercises each day.

4. Thyroid Issues

A low thyroid level can take a toll on your energy level. For example, if you have an autoimmune disease whereby your immune system attacks your thyroid, you may experience a drop in your energy level. Low thyroids are among the common causes of low energy in men. Be sure to seek medical help to treat the condition and restore your energy.


To sum it up, the common causes of low energy in men include depression, low testosterone level, lack of exercises, and thyroid problems. Be sure to diagnose the primary cause of your low energy first. You can then make lifestyle changes or seek medical help to regain your energy. Remember, low energy can also be the symptom of an underlying health problem.

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