Can This Red Vegetable Improve Your Athletic Performance?

red beet juice for muscle growth

Devoted bodybuilders take great care of their diet and are always on a lookout for healthy muscle building foods. And, while protein-rich foods like lean meats and dairy make up the core of a muscle-building diet, there are some fruits and vegetables that are often mentioned as useful nutrient sources that promote muscle gains. One of those vegetables is red beet.

So, can you use red beet juice for muscle growth?

Red Beet Juice Health Benefits

The reason why scientists suggest we could use red beet juice for muscle growth is nitric oxide (NO). This compound is often mentioned as beneficial for improving athletic performance as well as fighting certain conditions like diabetes or ED. Nitric oxide supplements are very popular among bodybuilders and men with sexual problems.

The high content of nitrate in beetroot juice could also slow down the progression of dementia and lower our blood pressure.

Using Red Beet Juice for Muscle Growth

Several studies also show that nitric oxide can help improve our athletic performance. For example, one Dutch study found that drinking two cups of red beet juice for only six days can increase plasma nitrate levels and enhance physical performance. In this study, cyclists who drank red beet juice improved their 10-km time and reduced oxygen output.

A 2017 review published in the Nutrients journal confirmed these findings and added that beetroot juice could also enhance our cardiorespiratory performance during exercise.

The Bottom Line

Using red beet juice for muscle growth could be a good idea because of its high contents of nitric oxide. Add this healthy vegetable to your diet by juicing it with some other healthy fruits and vegetables.

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