Boost Your Athletic Performance with These 5 Pro Tips

tips to improve athletic performance

Once you hit certain performance levels, it can be tough to step up your game to make more gains or push the limits of your abilities further. At that point you step into the realm of fine-tuning, meaning you need to get really deep into your workout routine and play around with different aspects of it.

Here are some pro tips to improve athletic performance.

Increase Your Treadmill Incline

Some studies promote the benefits of outdoor running, underlining the vitalizing effects of nature. Furthermore, running indoors eliminates wind resistance and makes the whole process much easier. However, research shows that a 1% treadmill grade simulates the effects of outdoor running and eliminates this problem.

Train at the Same Time

Research shows that our bodies get used to training at a specific time. Try to keep your workout schedule constant and go to the gym at around the same time to achieve the best results.

Stay Hydrated

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of water, especially during workouts. The current recommendation is 3.7 liters of water per day, but that number increases with rigorous physical activity. Always have a bottle of water by your side and make sure you stay hydrated.

Try Different Shoes

Many runners consider black toenails as something that can’t be avoided if you push yourself to the very limits. However, think about your running shoes. Get shoes that leave a thumbnail’s width between your big toe and the end of the shoe.

Take Power Naps

Sleeping between six and eight hours is one of the basic tips to improve athletic performance. We all know that rest is important when exercising, but we often don’t have the time to cram full eight hours of sleep in our busy schedules. If that’s the case, try taking power naps for at least half an hour during the day.


So, there you go – our tips to improve athletic performance. We hope these tips help you hit that next level and reach your fitness goals.

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