Beat Your PRs and Reap the Anabolic Benefits

personal record and get anabolic benefits

Have you reached a plateau point in your workout routine? Are you not building muscle mass anymore? Or, maybe even losing muscle mass? Beat your personal record and get anabolic benefits.

In the past, the term “personal record” referred to your best time in a race. Nowadays, it’s used interchangeably in various exercise disciplines to simply mean your best performance.

People set personal records for various reasons. Some for motivation. Some for training towards a competition or race. Whatever your reasons, every time you set out for your workout you are working towards that goal in mind.

However, what happens when you’ve reached your personal record? The answer is simple: set a new higher one.

Anabolic Hormonal Response

When you workout and shortly afterward, your body releases hormones that affect muscle adaptation. So, when anabolic hormones release they aid in protein synthesis and muscle growth. This process is especially important for athletic performance.

Studies have shown that integral muscle mass building periods occur during the early stages of training. If you think of the beginning stages of new personal record goals as the “early stage of training,” you can conclude that muscle mass growth occurs every time you push yourself past previous goals.

Also, research indicates that low-intensity resistance exercises yield more positive results in triggering an anabolic response than high-intensity exercises. That is not to say that you should switch out your work-outs completely. But, varying intensity, especially at the early stages of your new goal, can optimize your muscle growth potential.

Final Thoughts

While reaching your personal record is a small victory. Don’t stop there. Aim higher with a new personal record and get anabolic benefits to keep your momentum going.

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