A Two-Way Street: Women’s Views on Partners with ED

what do women think about ED

ED can be a stressful condition for both men and women. It can impact the relationship more deeply than just reducing the quality of your sex life – it often raises the questions of confidence and attractiveness. We all know that men are mentally affected by ED, developing anxiety and insecurities about themselves.

But, what do women think about ED?

Women’s Knowledge About ED

Before answering this question, we have to examine how much do women actually know about the condition. As more than 40% of men over 40 are affected by this condition, chances are many women have had partners with ED.

According to a survey by the Superdrug Online doctor, close to 90% percent of women know what erectile dysfunction is and how it manifests itself. Additionally, more than 75% of women can recognize the most common causes of ED – alcohol, anxiety, and different underlining health problems like diabetes. However, a lot of participants failed to acknowledge the impact of blood vessels on ED.

So, we can safely say that women are somewhat familiar with causes and symptoms of ED.

What Do Women Think About Ed?

When asked about their initial thoughts when their partner experienced ED, only 19% of women said that it was a medical condition unrelated to them. On the other hand, almost 23% of participants said that it had something to do with them, while 19% thought that their partner doesn’t find them attractive.

So, on aggregate, around 42% of questioned women thought that their partner’s ED was their fault. The survey included 1.000 of men and 1.000 of men in the UK over the age of 35.


So, what do women think about ED? Although most women recognize that it’s a medical condition, many of them tend to blame themselves. If you do experience ED, make sure you let your partner know it has nothing to do with them. Most men will experience it at some point in their lives, but if it keeps happening, contact your doctor.

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