8 Things You Didn’t Know About Pitching a Tent

Did I get your attention? I’m not talking about camping, if you know what I mean. Here, I’ll talk about what every man experieneces: morning glory, or erections if you want to be more serious.

There is no big surprise that men face problems when it comes to erections. The difficult part is that some of them don’t know what the causes of their problem are or how the whole process works. This is the reason why it is recommended to learn as much as possible about this topic and see if there is a solution to your situation.  However, in order to know better how to solve your issues, you have to understand erections better. This article is meant to present eight facts about erection that could help you overcome your problems.

Types of erection

There are three main types of erection that a man should know about. Each one is triggered by different factors:

  • Reflexogenic (the result of physical stimulation)
  • Psychogenic (the result of psychical stimulation, e.g. fantasies)
  • Nocturnal (occurring 2-3 times per night during REM cycles)


Smoking is one of the factors that can influence the erection negatively and even cause erectile dysfunction. Many researches have shown that men who smoke manage to get an erection much harder than men who don’t. The chemicals included in smoking interfere with a person’s blood flow resulting in a weaker erection or no erection at all. The muscle tissue can be affected as well, and it is proven that men who gave up smoking seen huge improvements when suffering from ED.


Another damaging factor would be alcohol. Likewise smoking, alcohol can cause ED and influence the entire sexual experience. Alcohol affects the blood flow, like smoking does too, causing the penis not to remain erect during intercourse. The blood vessels are getting weak and is much harder to obtain a strong erection. Yet, moderate amounts of alcohol are not damaging the vessels in any way.

Quality sleep

If a man doesn’t rest well enough, he might encounter some issues in obtaining a lasting erection. This is not a concerning factor, but it would be important to sleep at least eight hours a night for the best results.


The lack of intimacy can also cause a man to lose his erection.  When there is not enough intimacy between you and your partner, you might find it difficult to get stimulated and get stressed over the fact you can’t have a solid erection. A good atmosphere is paramount during intercourse.


Men who use to masturbate a lot find it difficult to get an erection when they are with a partner in bed. The explanation for this is the fact that they are getting used with a certain level of comfort with their own body and when it comes to meeting certain requirements they get stressed and lose their erection.


Overweight men find it more difficult to reach erection than fit men. This is the reason why you have to maintain a good physical shape in order to avoid encountering problems.


Some types of condoms can affect erection, depending on your body reactions. Also, using the wrong kind of condoms that don’t fit properly can reduce the blood flow in the area and – therefore – can cause the loss of erection.

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