8 Infallible Tricks For Better Performance

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When it comes to improving sexual performance techniques, “thinking about something else” is probably the best-known method used to delay ejaculation. However, it could threaten your “Love” abilities by distracting you from establishing a real connection with your partner.

Live in the “here and now” implementing these simple sex-tricks to enhanced your sex life

1. Take care of your health

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, men with a little overweight could be better lovers.

Some fat excess increases estradiol levels, a female hormone that slows the sexual response, making those love handles even more desirable since they tend up to last up to 7.3 minutes longer than their thin counterparts. Of course, this is by no mean an invitation to neglect your diet, but it is one to review the balance of your hormonal values.

2. Hands-on

The so-called “previous game” refers to all those erotic practices that can be performed aside penetration.

Their purpose is to increase excitement ensuring climax during intercourse: oral sex, clitoral stimulation, adult toys, caresses, and kisses are some of the most sensual stimulant practices to prolong and spark things up in the bedroom.

3. Ease things on

The use of condoms and lubricants are essential aces up your sleeve when it comes to delaying ejaculation.

However, its use decreases vaginal friction, with which the ejaculatory response is postponed. Likewise, using lubricants reduces the sensation of resistance and prolongs the sexual act.

4. Change diets

A vegetarian antioxidative diet could improve your sexual performance since fruits and vegetables, unlike meat and dairy, induce the production of sex hormones, enhancing the synthesis of sugars and stimulating vitality. That is why vegetarians apparently turn out to be more energetic and vigorous lovers.

5. Pharmacological methods

The use of drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction has been shown to have positive effects on erection maintenance in patients afflicted or who do not have ED. Remember always to consult with your doctor to see if you are a suitable candidate for taking these drugs.

6. Masturbation

Prolonged masturbatory sessions, with pauses and deep breaths, will help you sustain more lasting and pleasurable erections.

7. Love is in the air

Monogamy can help you improve as a lover by decreasing anxiety towards an intimate contact. Also, exploring your bodies will help you reach new ways and forms to achieve climax together.

8. Spiced things up

Choose sex angles in which she has control over the penetration. According to Cosmopolitan website, positions in which females go proactive tend to prolong erection and, collaterally, increase their sexual pleasure by giving them control over the depth and rate of penetration.

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