8 Diseases You Can Prevent By Staying Fit

Some of the best medicine isn’t medicine at all but a lifestyle that encourages healthy living. Getting sufficient sleep and eating well are two that come to mind but today we are going to talk about how staying physically fit can help to prevent disease.

Heart Disease

Regular exercise can help to reduce any effects of heart disease such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. It also helps to strengthen the heart so it can handle any potential risks that come along more easily.


Lack of exercise can allow your joints to stiffen to the point of very little mobility. Exercise helps to not only lessen the pressure put on your joints due to weight loss but also helps to reduce stiffness and the pain that comes with it.


Diabetes is usually caused by obesity. If you are staying physically fit you have a low body fat percentage and you can successfully keep blood sugar levels normal.

Colorectal cancer

According to studies done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a regular workout schedule can reduced the risk of recurrence or death of patients with colorectal cancer by up to 50%. That is half!

Breast cancer

Because exercise helps to regulate hormone levels, it is a great way to help with breast cancer in lower recurrence rates.


Exercise releases feel good endorphins in the brain that promotes healthy brain function and happiness. It also reduces stress and anxiety.


Performing strength exercises on a regular basis can help to maintain bone density even as you age.


Doing fluid movement like Tai chi or yoga can help to prevent any flair ups of fibromyalgia or at least reduce the intensity of the flair ups in the future.

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