5 Tips for Protecting Yourself Against ED

As the days go by, more and more men are facing ED. Avoiding the condition and protecting yourself against it is now the way to go. We have already identified what causes ED and treatment options available for it. Therefore, it is about time that we discussed how to protect ourselves from ED. Here are some tips to help you protect yourself.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet is not only a healthy option for your body; it is also the best way to encourage stronger and firmer erections. Changing your eating habits and diet composition is also a way to combat ED. This is because eating a healthy and balanced diet increases blood flow to the penis and therefore, gives you better and improved erections.

Protect against high blood pressure

Blood vessels are extremely valuable, especially for people suffering from ED. The vessels are easily damaged by high pressure levels and can be blocked by increased levels of cholesterol. This results in poor blood flow to the genitals and poor erections. In addition, it may cause further health damage if not protected against.

Manage your weight

Being overweight is a huge issue when it comes to ED. Managing it is fundamental. However, ensuring that your weight remains in a healthy range is crucial for enhancing sexual health. Type II Diabetes is a likely result from being overweight, which can result to ED.

Regular workouts

Your body needs to remain in shape at all times. Sexual intercourse is an energy consuming activity. Therefore, you will need to be fit in order to improve your sexual performance. However, you should avoid workouts that stress your genitals, as these could also lead to damage and ED. Participating in activities such as swimming, running, and other cardiac exercise is highly advised.

Kegels are not reliable

Even though we advise that you continuously engage in exercise, we also advise that you engage in different types of exercise. Kegel exercises may be effective for those not suffering from incontinence, but they’re not necessarily effective for ED. We recommend that you also incorporate other forms of exercises in your routine.

There are many things that can help you protect yourself against ED. Many of these involve living a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that your testosterone levels are where they should be, and avoiding or quitting bad behaviors such excessive drinking and smoking among others. Keeping your sexual health where it should be is what we are all working towards. Improving and enhancing performance levels comes in next. Be sure to maintain your sexual health with the above tips.

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