5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Relationship Is Heading for a Failure

signs of a toxic relationship

The only thing worse than breaking up with someone is staying in a toxic relationship benefits no one. Of course, you might have just hit a slump you’re about to snap out of, but there are some tell-tale signs of a toxic relationship that shouldn’t be ignored.

Too Much Fighting

While calm discussions might be beneficial for a relationship, destructive behaviors are good for no one. If your fights are aggressive, and everybody is yelling, but no one is listening – chances are you two are not going to last.

Unsatisfying Sex Life

It’s completely normal that two people don’t click within the first couple sexual encounters. However, if you’re still not able to satisfy each other after a couple of months – that’s a red flag. It’s even worse if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your likes and dislikes.

You’re Too Clingy

No matter how close you think you are, you should both be able to function as independent, grown individuals. Clinginess leads to jealousy, which is a relationship killer. If you notice you’re unable to function without each other, change that immediately, or get ready for an epic fight in the future.

Lack of Trust

One of the first signs of a toxic relationship is distrust. If you’re not able to completely trust your partner, you might not be a good match. Either examine your behavior or find someone you can trust.

No Communication

Your ideal partner should be your best friend – everything that bothers you has to be out in the open, and there should be no taboo topics. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing everything with your loved one, that’s a sign something’s not right.


If you notice any of these signs of a toxic relationship, try talking about them with your partner – they may agree with you. However, have in mind that these issues can’t be ignored and they will sooner or later catch up with you.

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