5 Surprising Things That Might Cause ED You Didn’t Know


Sex life is an important aspect of any relationship. It determines the chances of staying forever with your partner. However, at times it might go wrong especially when a man is not able to perform in bed. His inability to achieve erections or maintain them is that he might be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction condition arises mainly as a result of blockage of blood flow to the penis. This can be caused by different factors ranging from your lifestyle to medical issues. Most men with this condition have low confidence and their inability to fully satisfy their partner is quite embarrassing for them. Here are some of the things that might lead to erectile dysfunction you need to know in order to prevent it:

Risky sex

The penis can be injured during sex leading to erectile dysfunction. It is important to take your time and avoid some positions. Though it might be uncomfortable, you might seek advice from a doctor on the dos and don’ts.

Psychological problems

Stress, anxiety, or depression adversely affects your sexual performance. You might see it as normal for you not to achieve erections, but continuous stress in your mind might lead to erectile dysfunction. It mainly causes temporally condition. It is important to note that some of the medications used to address anxiety and depression might also cause erectile dysfunction.

Inadequate sleep

You might not be aware that lack of enough sleep might increase the risk of acquiring erectile dysfunction. Well, inadequate sleep affects the level of free testosterone, which supports your sexual function and libido. It also affects the balance of brain hormones such as serotonin and dopamine that have an effect on your erections.

Irregular teeth brushing habits

You might be wondering how brushing your teeth is associated with erectile dysfunction. Well, tooth decay elicits your immune response. The immune system attacks pathogens in your mouth and in some cases, the bacteria seeps into your bloodstream. They cause damage to blood vessels thus affecting blood flow to your penile region and other body parts. Regular brushing is necessary for the health of more than just your gums.

Cradling your laptop

Laptop generates a lot of heat. Cradling it will warm your testicles, which are sensitive to heat. This makes sense why the scrotum is outside the body. Warming the testicles decreases the level of testosterone and sperm count.


Most cases of erectile dysfunction are preventable and are associated with your lifestyle. It is a high time that you consider changing your lifestyle in order to prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction to avoid frustrations in bed. However, some causes such as aging are inevitable. No need to worry! There are various ways in which you can treat the condition and revitalize your sex life.


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