5 Major Symptoms of ED to Look For

Have you thought about this menacing issue?  Erectile dysfunction has become a topic in today’s personal health. Many are the times that you don’t even know you are suffering from it. However, by identifying the major symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you might be able to avoid it. Knowing what to look for makes the basis of identifying the medical condition and knowing how to deal with it. Here are the top five major symptoms of erectile dysfunction that you should look for.

#1 Lifestyle related medical conditions

Medical conditions are some of the major causes of erectile dysfunctions. These are conditions that we warned against daily. These range from diabetes, hypertension to excessive weight gain among others. If suffering from any of these medical conditions, then you are at a greater risk of acquiring erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, your general lifestyle is the major indicator of whether you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or not. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure and have trouble getting your penis erect, then it is high time you get tested.

#2 Minimal sexual libido or desire

Sex is sometimes considered a basic necessity for any man. Having trouble maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse is a major symptom of erectile dysfunction. If you find that your penis becomes flaccid after a short intercourse activity or in between the sex act, then you might be suffering from ED. In addition, reduced ability to engage in sex or interest in the activity itself may also signify a low libido.

#3 Continued use sexual performance enhancing supplements

Many are the times that young people continue to engage in “fun-loving activities” as they call them. These activities involve taking sexual supplements to enhance their sexual performance levels. The downside of this continued use is addiction and dependability. Once you are hooked, your body solely depends on the supplements to perform sexually. This causes erectile dysfunction in that you cannot perform without a boost. Overdependence on sexual enhancement supplements is another symptom of ED.

#4 Stress

Stressing over small issues as a couple, at work or even at home is another major issue that indicates erectile dysfunction in the making. Whenever you try to have sex with your partner and you are bombarded with the happenings of the day, you lose interest. This causes trouble having an erection, maintaining it or even improving your performance.

#5 Premature or Delayed Ejaculation

Ejaculation indicates individual interests in having sex. However, it takes too long in showing up or shows up too early; then it might indicate that you are suffering from ED.

There are many symptoms of ED out there. However, there is only one way of actually knowing if you are suffering from ED; being tested is the ultimate ways.  Reviewing the causes and symptoms of ED and readjusting your lifestyle is another solution among others.

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