5 First Date Mistakes You Should Avoid

first date mistakes

A first date is your chance to make a long-lasting first impression that could set the tone for the whole relationship. But, because of this huge amount of pressure, many men make some crucial mistakes and blow their chances before the relationship has even started.

Here are some common first date mistakes you should avoid.

Being Late

Nothing says “I’m not a responsible grown-up” like being late to a date. Not only that, but your date may also feel like she’s not important to you. If you know you’re going to be more than five minutes late, notify her via text so she knows you care about her time.

Being Too Confident

Confidence is sexy to almost everyone. But, too much confidence and you’re stepping into the dangerous zone of arrogance. And no one likes to sit across a person hijacking the conversation, bragging, and making everything about them.

Not Being Polite

A Cambridge study shows that chivalry isn’t dead, but we should still remind you that a little decency goes a long way. Even if the date went poorly, you should make sure your date got home safely. Escort her home or to her car without pressuring her to invite you in.

Being Cheap

Money is always a hot topic when it comes to relationships. And, while in today’s society women rarely expect you to pay for the whole bill, you should act casually and show that you’re relaxed when it comes to money.

Choosing a Wrong Venue

One of the worst first date mistakes you can make is taking your date to a movie or a loud restaurant. Make sure you’re going to a place where you can talk and get to know each other.


So, there you have it – the worst first date mistakes you can make. Avoid these mistakes and you’re on your way to making a great first impression.

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