5 Exercises to Strengthen and Stretch and Protect Your Ankles

Having weak ankles is a risk to have a twisted ankle and other injuries from falls. There are tiny muscles and ligaments around the joints of your ankle that help keep them from rolling. These exercises will help to strengthen and stretch them to prevent injuries, and are easy to do just about anywhere.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Ankles

To perform these moves all you need is a chair.

Around the Clock

To do this all you need to do is sit on a chair and raise your right foot. Twist the foot around clockwise 10 times and rest your leg. Raise your right foot again and twist it around counterclockwise 10 times. Do the same for the left foot.

Do the Alphabet

Using your big toe like a pen, write the alphabet in the air as you are seated on a chair. Next try the lowercase alphabet. Repeat with the other foot.

Exercises to Keep your Ankles Flexible

A big part of protecting your ankles from injury is to keep them flexible. These stretches will help to limber up your ankles and keep the tendons from rupturing.

Achilles Stretches

To do this stretch plant your right foot flat on the floor and step forward with the left. Don’t bend your right knee or take your foot off the floor, but you can bend your left knee. Push your hips forward to feel a nice light stretch. Repeat with the other foot.

Peroneal Stretching

This stretch is super simple. All you need to do is walk around on the outer sides of your feet. This will warm up the peroneal tendon which supports the entire ankle.

Dorsiflexion Stretch

For this stretch you will need a towel or band. Sit on the floor with one leg out in front of you and the other foot tucked next to the thigh of the flexed leg. Put the towel or band around the top half of the foot in front of you and gently pull the toes in toward your shin. Repeat on the opposite leg.

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