5 Exercises to Improve Your Performance

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To prevent and counteract premature ejaculation, some exercises can regularly be practiced without resorting to pharmacological treatments.

These exercises consist in strengthening the muscular tone of developing a higher erection control. Sounds promising, right?

Let’s reveal the top 5 best exercises to improve sexual performance:

1. Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercises

Also known as Kegel exercises, they are traditionally used in therapy for urinary incontinence. Pelvic floor exercises consist of tensing and relaxing the muscles that help us to retain and release the flow of urine and the ejaculatory reflex.

Identifying them is easy, all you have to do is control the urine reflex by letting it flow and stopping it to locate the muscles which are making it possible.

To strengthen the control over the pubococcygeus, practice the following routine.

Contract the muscles of the pelvic floor for 5 seconds, then relax them for five more seconds. Repeat this routine ten times and rest for 10 seconds between each series.

Repeat it three times a day. Consider you can do it while driving while waiting for the elevator, even while writing a memo. Keep in mind that perseverance is essential to improve your sex life.

To enhanced effectiveness, concentrate on isolating the pelvic floor muscles. Near muscles: abdominals, thighs, even buttocks can be activated too, but the goal is to focus on the pubococcygeus, making a more significant effort to isolate the sensation and control over them.

2. Masturbation

This exercise intends to take the excitement to its highest point and stop just before reaching orgasm to increase the control of your ejaculatory reflex in the presence of erotic stimulation.

3. Controlled breathing

Similar to yoga or meditation relaxing breathing techniques, controlled breathing consists in deep inhalation followed by pauses that will fill your brain with oxygen, causing a state of relaxation which slows down the pleasure respond.

4. Anxiety control

Talking about sex with your loved one during long nude hours, practicing mutual masturbation and approaching sex with a more calm perspective can reduce anxiety over the burden of being a “pleasure provider” which sometimes lead to overwhelming stress.

5. Exercise

In addition to improving your cardiovascular condition and appearance, a healthy exercise routine can help strengthen muscles related to sexual impulse.

Planks, in particular, are ideal to enhance your sexual willpower. On the floor, in 4 support points, align your hands and shoulders, flexing the elbows halfway. By doing planks with discipline, you can increase sexual potency, stamina and muscle tone in your upper body.

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