4 Things You Don’t Need to Tell Your Partner

things you don’t need to tell your partner.

Staying true to your partner is the foundation of a healthy, long-lasting relationship. And, while honesty certainly is important, there are some things your partner can do without knowing. These are the things that are not that important and can only damage your relationship and cause problems.

So, here are four things you don’t need to tell your partner.

Anything Good about Your Ex

Even if you ended your past relationships on good terms, you should never mention the good things about your ex to your current girlfriend. This can only spark her insecurities and trigger jealousy, which you certainly don’t want to go through.

Number of Your Past Partners

How many people you’ve been with shouldn’t be important to a relationship. Furthermore, nothing good ever comes out these conversations. If your number is too high, she could think you’re a womanizer. If it’s too low, then she might feel bad about her number. Keep your numbers to yourselves and enjoy the relationship.

Negative Thoughts and Insecurities

Don’t get us wrong – it’s perfectly healthy for you to share your feelings with your girlfriend. However, if you feel insecure about her hanging out with her male friends, that’s a thought you should keep for yourself. You can talk with your partner about meaningful, deep thoughts that don’t put her in an awkward place.

You Hate Someone She’s Close to

If you don’t get along with some of her friends or family members, try your best to keep this to yourself. Nothing good can come out of it, so instead of trying to win your girlfriend over and put her in a weird situation, distance yourself from the person or try to resolve the issue by yourself.


So, there you go – the most important things you don’t need to tell your partner. Remember, keeping secrets from your girlfriend is never healthy, but these are some things that put your relationship at risk.

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