4 Things to Do When ED Drugs Don’t Work

erectile dysfunction drugs don't work

Despite their reported success rate, many men find that their erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work. But the drugs might not be at fault here. In fact, in most cases, it’s how you take them that reduces their effect. Here are the four things to keep in mind when taking pills to treat your performance issues. If this is not how you do it, then start doing it right.

1. Up the Dose

Most pills come with a set of instructions that specify the lowest and the highest dose you can take. As a rule, men will first settle for the lowest dose and work their way up over time. But this might be why your erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work. While the low dose is enough for many, it won’t do its magic for some. Try upping the dose, but be careful not to exceed the recommended limit.

2. Take the Pills on an Empty Stomach

If you’ve ever taken any pharmaceutical drug, you must have seen the advice to take it on an empty stomach. After you’ve had a meal, your body is processing the food and absorbing the nutrients. If you take your med then, your body only has the capacity to absorb half of the substances it contains. Read the instructions to see if this makes any difference. If so, wait for three hours after you’ve eaten before you take the drug.

3. Try Other Drugs

If your erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work, you might want to give another brand a go. They have different active ingredients, so if one doesn’t work, perhaps the other one will. Men will often make the mistake of giving up after a single try. Don’t do this. Before you start a more demanding treatment, you need to test all the non-invasive options out there.

4. Be Realistic

Whichever drug you’re taking, you have to keep your expectations in check. If you expect your drugs to give you an instant erection, that’s not how it works. It’s your brain that controls these things, and the drugs only make it easier to get there. When you’re not aroused, your erectile dysfunction drugs don’t work. Have a pill when you’re in the mood for sex and wait a bit before you put it to the test.

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