4 Steps to Getting Out of the Friend Zone

getting out of the friend zone

We’ve all been there – you start falling for one of your friends, but you get the sense she’s not feeling the same way. There are a few things that hurt more than unreciprocated love, so it’s only natural you’re looking for a way out of this painful deadlock. Luckily for you, some tricks could help you in getting out of the friend zone.

Be Uninterested

The reason why you’re in this position in the first place is because you made the relationship imbalanced by being too needy. Be less interested and make her feel like you can go away as soon as you feel like you’re not getting enough out of the relationship. This is also known as “the principle of least interest”.

Make Yourself Needed

You shouldn’t always be around for your “friend”. Be absent for some time and there is a chance she’ll want you as more than a friend. This is called the “scarcity principle” – people realize that they need something once it gets taken away or they perceive it as rare.

Create Competition

Another great way to achieve the scarcity principle is to make her feel like there are other girls you’re ready to pursue. If she sees she could be close to losing you, she may develop feelings for you out of jealousy. On the other hand, if she’s supportive of your love endeavors, it’s probably time to move on.

Get Her to Do Things for You

People tend to like us more when they do us favors, rather than when we do favors for them. This is the “Benjamin Franklin effect,” and it means that the relationship will mean more to her if you can get her to invest in it a bit more.


Getting out of the friend zone is never comfortable – after all, it’s your friend we’re talking about. If all else fails, you can always be direct. Worst case scenario – she’ll appreciate your honesty and you’ll have sorted out a situation that’s been causing you pain.

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