4 Signs of Excessive Sweating and How to Stop It

signs of excessive sweating

So, you’re in the middle of a deadlift session and you notice drops of sweat falling from your nose and hitting the ground. This is completely normal – when we put our bodies through stress it responds by sweating to maintain body temperature. But, sweating while your body isn’t working that hard could be a sign of hyperhidrosis – a condition manifested by excessive sweating.

Here are some common signs of excessive sweating.

Sweating at Night

Waking up in sweat may be because you had a bad dream, but it could also be a sign of hyperhidrosis. Our bodies cool off naturally while we sleep, which means you don’t have to sweat to regulate body temperature. There are many reasons why people get night sweats, some more serious than the others.

Sweaty Palms

Like our armpits, are palms are full of sweat receptors. So, if you suffer from excessive sweating, this is one of the areas you’ll be able to notice it.

Sweating During Rest

One of the most common signs of excessive sweating is sweating at rest. And, we’re not talking about slight dampness. If you have hyperhidrosis, you are likely to sweat as much as during an intense workout, while you’re sitting at your desk.

Sweating During Winter

Unless you just entered a warm building after spending time outside, you shouldn’t sweat in the winter. Because of the low temperature outside, our bodies don’t need sweating to regulate our body temperature.


There are several medications for excessive sweating, with Botox being the most popular one.

Excessive sweating is rarely a serious condition, but it can sometimes be a sign of diabetes or thyroid disease. Contact your doctor if you feel like you’re sweating too much even at rest.

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