4 Popular Treatments for ED

Erectile Dysfunction has increased in the US by a whopping 250 percent since 1998. As such, most men with ED have now understood that they are not alone and there are treatment options available. Besides Viagra and Levitra, there are surgical treatments available as well. Below are the 4 popular treatments for ED.

1. Pills

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the most popular pill for the treatments of ED. Pills are often the first option given to ED patients in the US. The good news is that these drugs have successfully treated around 80 percent of the patients. The FDA has approved Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra for ED treatment. So, how do these drugs work? Well, they increase blood flow to the penis, which is the most important factor to maintain a strong erection. Like most other pills, these drugs come with certain side effects, such as a headache. Be sure to use these pills only when recommended by a doctor.

2. Injections

There are also some injections that can be used to treat ED. For example, the FDA has approved Alprostadil, a drug that is injected directly into the penis, for treating ED. Penile injections lead to immediate erection. If you don’t want to take oral medicines, you may consider penile injections. This drug has successfully treated 85 percent of the patients who got it as of now. Be sure to ask the doctor about the side effects of the specific penile injection prescribed for you.


If you don’t want to take oral pills or penile injections, you may consider MUSE, which is an FDA approved pellet that is placed into the penis’ opening. MUSE is safe and is dissolvable. The patient will get an erection in around 10 minutes following the MUSE’s insertion into the penis. The good news is that the patient will be able to maintain an erection for as long as 50-60 minutes with this treatment. There are certain side effects associated with MUSE, such as pain and burning sensation in the penis.

4. Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pup procedure is also a popular treatment for ED. With this method, the patient keeps a plastic tube over the penis and drives the air out of the tube. This pushes blood through the penis, causing an erection. A flexible ring at the base of the penis maintains the erection. Off all the men who have used this treatment method so far, 75 percent have reported being satisfied.

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