4 Health Changes That Can Prevent ED


If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may have already educated yourself about the options available to you, including prescription pills, injections, or even surgery. However, there are some other options you can try that are less drastic. That’s because there’s no one cause of erectile dysfunction, so what may be causing yours could be completely different than what is causing someone else’s. Here are some steps you can take to improve your overall health, which can help improve problems with ED.

#1. Watch your diet

Eating less processed foods and instead, eating a diet rich in whole foods can definitely decrease the likelihood that you’ll develop ED. In addition, many men who experience erectile dysfunction often have a B12 deficiency, so try taking B12 vitamins if you don’t get enough in your diet.

#2. Get or stay in shape

Walking 30 minutes a day can decrease your risk of developing ED. Moderate exercise can also be beneficial if you’re already experiencing ED. And watch your waist–the bigger it is, the more likely you are to experience sexual dysfunction.

#3. Maintain prime vascular health

One of the big contributors to ED is problems with blood flow, so it’s a good idea to visit a doctor to make sure everything is working as it should. Issues with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol can keep you from performing at your best. This is, of course, in addition to the more serious health issues problems with your cardiovascular system can cause, including lethal ones like heart attacks.

#4. Avoid vices

You likely already know why you should avoid smoking and why should drink in moderation–it’s good for your health in general. However, you may not know about the risks smoking and/or excessive drinking pose for your sexual health. Excessive drinking can lead to erectile dysfunction, so that’s another reason to be smart about your drinking. As far as smoking goes, it’s the leading cause for ED in men under 40. If you’re a smoker under 40 and having issues with ED, it’s time to kick the habit.

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