3 Types of Injuries That Lead to ED

  1. Many think that the erectile dysfunction syndrome is caused mainly by mental trauma, but certain physical injuries that can result in such issues are quite frequent. Reduced blood flow in the area, damaged nerves, these all contribute to a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. Maybe one of the most frequent causes of losing the ability to perform sexually for men is spinal cord injury. Below you will find several other injuries and their impact on sexual performance in men.

1. Spinal cord injury

As the nervous system is one of the main systems responsible for getting an erection, it must function perfectly in order to achieve those. As a result, any type of trauma to the spinal cord will result in either permanent, either temporary ED. However management methods exist, and getting an erection with SCI may be manageable. Some therapy methods are:

  • Penile implant;
  • Intracavernous injections;
  • Intraurethral prostaglandins.

Needless to say, getting an erection after such unfortunate events is difficult. For instance, while men that don’t have SCI can get an erection only by thinking to certain “sexy” topics, men with SCI may find it unmanageable. The area of the spinal cord that bears responsibility for erection is situated between the T11 and L2. If the injury occurs somewhere above that area, the signal is impossible to reach the penile area. This is why men with SCI have sexual difficulties of this kind.

2. Traumatic brain injury

A brain injury obviously will influence the way in which a person experiences sex, and in many cases it can either lead to ED or some sort of sexual dysfunction. Some of the most common changes that occur in one’s sexual behavior after TBI are:

  • Erectile issues – 40 to 60 percent of those who suffered TBI experience afterwards temporary or permanent ED.
  • A decrease in the frequency of one’s sexual encounters – caused by other issues, such as disability or depression;
  • Reduced libido levels – approximately half of those who were subject to a TBI experience reduced libido levels, and in many cases, the levels cease to rise.

Therapy options for those with such injuries are either medication or therapy. Never leave the issue untreated, as solutions exist.

3. Cycling

Too much cycling will affect the way in which you experience sex, and no, this is not a myth. Frequent pressure on the penile is reduceding the blood flow which results in the inability to get and / or maintain an erection. Seek medical help as soon as you notice the syndrome’s debut. They will help you identify the cause and develop together a cure strategy.

These are some of the most frequent injuries that can lead to ED. If you find yourself in one of the above situations, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. There is a cure for almost anything. The idea is to seek it in the right place and don’t feel embarrassed regarding your issue. Many express reserves in terms of discussing their sexual performances or activity, but this is a matter of health.

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