10 Worst Enemies of Sexual Life When You Suffer from ED

Wondering what factors can cause or trigger ED? This is a list of the worst enemies of your sexual life.

1. Stress

Sexual problems can be caused by stress and it is one of the most evident enemies of ED. Getting rid of stress is essential for leading a happy life in general, not just talking about sex, so it would be a win-win situation if you just learn how to organize your thoughts and responsibilities properly.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety and fear caused by the thought that you can’t satisfy the woman you love can be devastating for a man. This is a major problem considering the fact that you can develop a fear of intimacy in the future. Learn to live with ED before it gets worse because of your negative thoughts.

3: Weight

Extra pounds can intensely affect a man’s sexual performance and it triggers his self-esteem. The body of obese men produces less testosterone which is a very important hormone for developing sexual desire and, therefore, erection.

4: Depression

The brain is the place where sexual arousal actually happens so living with a mess in your head can affect the way you perceive sexual desire. Start dealing with depression if you consider you suffer from it and don’t let it pass without being taken into account.

5. Medicine

Even though some pills prescribed by a doctor can help you deal with ED, some types of medication can alter your sexual performance. Anti-depressants affect the sex drive and can cause complications with ED.

6. Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a reoccurring problem in middle-aged men. A negative opinion about your own image can cause you to become very self-conscious about the way you look or act in bed and this factor can trigger ED psychologically. It doesn’t have to be something wrong with your body functions to get ED: badly-managed thoughts are enough.

7. Health status

Your overall health status may affect the optimal function of the nerves, blood vessels and other factors that are essential for a normal erection. Check if you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or thick arteries before making any plans.

8. Alcohol and smoking

Everyone knows that alcohol and smoking are bad for your health in general, but what if these two combined can be the cause of getting ED? Even though alcohol or smoking in great amounts can be only a temporary cause for ED, you should be aware where you stand.

9. Low libido

Low libido should not be confounded with ED. It does have similar causes, but it can be a trigger factor for ED itself. When you encounter less interest in sex you are experiencing a low libido which can lead to psychologically inducing ED later on.

10. Anger

Unexpressed anger or anger can contribute to reduced male performances in the bedroom. Anger causes the blood to climb to the upper area of the body in the face area instead irrigating the penis properly.

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